Organic Baby Clothes from Around the World

Get to know organic Merino Kids from around the world! Far too often you may be tempted to sell yourself and your little one short by just reaching for the baby clothes at the local big box store retailer, only to be frustrated when your baby develops a rash, the clothes wash out, or the outfit rips and tears beyond repair well before the baby outgrows it.

Begin with Imps & Elfs, a Dutch label behind which you will find Fons Cohen and Jacqueline Streng. Focusing on newborns and toddlers, their organic baby clothes are designed without frills and bows and instead underline comfort, ease of care, and of course a lose fit that permits for easy movements. If you don’t mind spending between $20-30 for a pair of baby pants, this is an up and coming designed label to watch!

The next organic baby clothes designer hails from the United Kingdom. Tiny Tulips is a designer that focuses on the 24 months to eight year old set. The clothes are handmade and this of course drives up the price tag. Spending between $80 and $90 for a skirt is not unheard of. The colors are vibrant, bold, and the designs are the big ones kids adore.

Organics for Kids is a retailer that specializes in organic baby clothes made in England and India. Colors are softer and favor pastels, and also reversible clothes which pretty much cut your little one’s wardrobe needs (and your spending) in half – literally! Expect to pay about $28 and up for a 0-3 months baby romper.

Germany brings you American Apparel where prices are comparable to the previous retailer. The clothes are minimalist but what they lack in color and design they more than make up for with a comfortable fit and sheer indestructibility.

Hailing from New York, Lucky Wang is a well known manufacturer of organic baby clothes in the US. The clothes have a decided Asiatic feel and a cute little baby kimono may run about $30 to $40. These are not your classic “let’s go play in the mud” kind of clothes but more the “let’s go have your birthday photo take” outfits.

Fair Indigo from Wisconsin is a retailer that specializes in fair trade relationships with clothes makers from around the world. Surprisingly, costs for their garments have neither suffered because of their fair trade agreements nor because of their attention to the organic labeling of them! Expect to pay $29 for a three pack of baby bodysuits. A good deal!

California brings you Green for Baby, a retailer that specializes in organic baby clothes and related items. Colors are earth tones, peace and hippie messages adorn the cute little wearable items, and prices are a bit on the high end – a 0-3 months onesie costs about $18.50.

Probably my favorite would have to be Turkey’s Clean Globe label which combines durable cotton with bright colors and tasteful designs. They have not yet found their way to the shores of the United States, but you may purchase their organic baby clothes from a variety of online retailers located in other countries. Since prices vary, it is hard to gauge just exactly how much you should expect to spend.

Granted, these clothes cost a little more, but they are friendlier on the baby’s skin and usually a lot more durable. Another example of the fact that you truly get what you pay for.



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