The latest trends of house construction

Hardly a life goes exactly according to plan. Since the third child is at once on the road or the Grandma to move with, so that it is no longer so alone and at the grandchildren can watch. More and more people wish to therefore houses that adapt flexibly to new living conditions.

Who must keep not the budget in mind when building a House, can take advantage of course all possibilities with a free scheduled architect, to design a house where you can live as a young family, but also to the advanced age.

However, given the fact that the home plays an increasingly important role in the framework of private old-age provision, also normal earners must have the chance to fulfill the dream of home ownership. From this reason we offer different House types at town & country, offering expansion reserves or the possibility of the age-based conversion and remain there but affordable.

Flexible homes at affordable prices

Flair 148 can be scheduled, for example, a granny flat or a Studio in the attic. Forever Young classic House provides space for a family with one child. Is space even larger however the possibility to expand the attic.

The bungalows of town & country offer variable not only comfort, but also optimum prerequisites for age-appropriate modification. 128 angle bungalow can be included also a granny flat where a caregiver can be accommodated if required. Also the bungalow 100 offers flexible design possibilities, for example an extra room or guest bathroom is possible.

The massive House is particularly very popular flair 125. It offers the possibility to set up more room on the ground floor or attic.

Compact homes for narrow lots

In large cities and their surrounding land prices rise increasingly. Not only reserves of expansion of and flexible layout play a role today when building a House. In view of the tense situation on the real estate market houses should be also possible compact.

The miracle of the living is not only cheap, but meets the requirements of modern solid houses. Thanks to its compact design it takes also on small land space, but at the same time space provides for a comfortable family life. There is also the possibility to enlarge the living miracle with an extension at any time.

With the wonder of living custom home builders in charlotte NC can offer on a House, which is compact and flexible at the same time. This House-building trend will we continue to pursue and develop other types of House.

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